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UPDATE:  ALL of these kittens have found their furever home.

The Charmed ones, a litter of five 4 week old kittens, were being cared for by their momma cat and a kind human when they all came down with upper respiratory infections.  We are currently housing them as they have fully recovered from their illnesses.  They still pile up and create quite the purring symphony!  They are affectionate and playful.  They have been known to wreak havoc…guess they are true purrty animals!  Despite minor complications with Phoebe and Leo, we anticipate spaying, neutering and microchipping all of them this month!


Sam and Dean, siblings of just 2 1/2 weeks old, were found in a woman’s backyard undernourished and covered in bite wounds and fleas.  They were both treated for the bite wounds and were both bottle fed.  Sam, the black kitten,  was extremely underweight.  His brother, Dean, was significantly larger than him.  Flea anemia could have been a factor as well as a systemic infection from the bite wounds.  

On December 7th, I noticed Dean was sleeping more than normal.  He just wasn’t himself.  I started him on some immune support remedies I had at home thinking maybe he had a cold.  Over the weekend, I started him on subcutaneous fluids as his appetite was decreasing.  By Tuesday, he was diagnosed with fiv, a high fever and a heart murmur. He was sent home on antibiotics.  I have been treating him with a whole host of injectable and oral vitamins, a kitten smoothie made of pre and probiotics, whole food and apple cider vinegar,  immune support remedies, natural anti-inflammatories and cbd oil.

December 18th was the first day I saw his tail wag. It was the first day he followed me from room to room.  His appetite is better but not normal.  His temperature has waxed and waned but today it is a high normal.  His murmur has dissipated.  

His once smaller brother, Sammy, is now his bigger brother.  Sammy, who was once the comforted is now his brother, Dean’s comforter.  I am hopeful that together, with his spirit, his fur family’s love and his care routine, we can beat this and get this little fighter healthy again!  Please if you would say a little purrayer for my Deano, I would greatly appreciate it.  He needs all the positive energy, healing light and purrayers he can get.  

You can follow Dean’s progress on my Instagram account, along with many other furbabies in our RPPS family.

UPDATE:  Happy to report Dean is quickly putting weight back on and is certainly trying his darndest to catch up to his brother, Sammy!  Both kittens are super affectionate and super playful!  Both Sam and Dean are happy and healthy and living with us!