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Ruffly Purrfect provides loving at home pet care while owners are away. Whether you go on vacation, a business trip, need a midday visit to walk, feed or cuddle, or medicate your pet; Ruffly Purrfect will be there when you can’t be.

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About Us

Ruffly Purrfect

Discovering pet-sitting, by chance, in 1996, Kerry began caring for pets in private homes.  She found her calling:  caring for animals in a one on one setting.  “The intimate bonds developed through these relationships are never forgotten.  Each animal, each experience leaves me with a precious memory.  I love the time I spend with all my animal friends and look forward to each visit with them. 

I see each client’s pet as an extension of my pet family.” (Kerry A. See, R.P.P.S. owner)  In January of 2003, Kerry began devoting more time to her clients and by December of 2003 Ruffly Purrfect Pet Services had been created.

Our goal at RPPS is to compassionately provide superior pet care and excellent customer service.  We will care for your pet as you instruct so that he/she is happy and comfortable in your absence.  We strive to ease your mind so that you can relax on vacation or go to work without worry.  Your pet’s health is our concern.  We will notify you of any changes and may suggest natural remedies and/or a veterinarian visit.  You and your pet are family.  We take care of family.

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What We Do

Vacation Plans

A service designed for vacations and business trips, has a beginning and an end date.


 Designed for dog walking and midday meals/potty breaks for youngsters and old timers.  

Nursing Plan

Your pet’s condition is assessed, medications administered, meals and elimination recorded.

Additional services

Pet transportation, purchasing supplies, vet visit, nail trimming, nursing care, and much more…

Ruffly Purrfect Rescues

RPPS rescued ten cats in 2018; two cats, two pigeons, and a cottontail rabbit in 2019; a ch kitten in 2020 and ten kittens in 2021 while treating one of our own for FIP!  Despite not really having the room or resources to care for all of these creatures, RPPS took them in; nursed; bottle-fed around the clock, and rehabbed all of them!  The winter of 2022-23, RPPS trapped six cats; got them vaccinated; spayed and neutered.  All six are happy in their homes, including Fred, an FIV+ tuxedo cat.  In the autumn of 2023, RPPS trapped and is still treating a feral FIV+ cat and saved a kitten near death.  Anakin, the feral cat, is stable and putting weight on; Oscar, the kitten, is growing and loving life.  

RPPS is currently in the process of assessing a "new" colony that has popped up.  Three cats are currently being fed and shletered.  Plans are to tnr these three, unless they turn out to be semi-feral.  Then the plan shifts to trap/neuter/vaccinate/socialize.

We are usually running fundraisers and always have an active Amazon wishlist and CHEWY favorites for much-needed supplies and food.

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