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As both my lovely pets began to experience challenges of aging, and the health issues added up, Kerry as their life-long care taker could see that there was opportunity for each to have continued quality in their remaining time.  She suggested Reiki and my vets agreed that this could be beneficial.  She used Reiki on my 14 yo dog who had a complex set of health issues, including diabetes, arthritis and more. Chili responded and was noticeably brighter and comfortable. Her sessions were a special time of  health and wellbeing support with one of her favorite humans.  Kerry began Reiki with Maxx at 13 and the sessions calmed him. He continued to live strong and very active until just before a significant health issue was too much for his system to go on.    
Both of these pets had quality of life stability and improvement when their significant health issues might have otherwise disabled them sooner.  I attribute this to Kerry’s attention with Reiki as an integral part of their care.  In the future, I will bring in Reiki for younger pets as well.

C. Morrissey