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You may remember these two love bugs from my facebook videos, facebook posts and/or my previous newsletters.  Papaya and Licorice were dropped off at a friend’s house by a complete stranger who had heard she helped kitties.  Little did we know at the time, Licorice had a minor health issue.  These two boys were inseparable from day one!  They depended on each other for comfort, playtime and reassurance.  When Licorice would go to the hospital for treatment, procedures or observation, Papaya would have to go along with him.  We knew the purrfect home would come forward.  If not soon, the boys would come stay with Auntie Kerry for awhile.

Then the e-mail arrived I had been waiting for!  The family I had been hoping would be ready to open their hearts once again to two loving kitties contacted me looking for two siblings about a year old, male or female. I immediately directed them to my facebook albums containing videos and photos of the boys when they first arrived and more recent photos.  It was love at first sight!

Within a week the boys moved into their new home.  They are quite content and so loved.  My friend and I are so happy to have found such a loving family for these two wonderful boys!  

Papaya and Licorice comfy in my lap