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Odin, a handsome young champagne shorthair, was found on the side of a major Westchester highway late at night emaciated, dehydrated and covered in healing and open wounds.  I nursed him back to health.  He has gained ten pounds since he was first found!  He is doing well.  Odin is looking for his furever home.  I believe he would be most happy in a home as a single cat. He’s a very muscular & active cat.  I think he would love exploring with his human…maybe in a kitty pack and of course, with a harness and leash. He would be a great companion for a single guy.  He seems to be a man’s cat. Please email me in interested in adoption.

Paka and Kimba were living in very poor conditions.  Their caretaker was too ill to care for them.  They were emotionally abandoned, frightened and alone when I learned of their circumstance.  Ruffly Purrfect went in and retrieved these two kitties.  It has taken months of vet care, good food, and TLC to nurse these kitties back to health, both physical and emotional.  They are both looking for their forever home.  They are extremely bonded.

They would love a home with a screened in porch where they could safely enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors while cuddling with each other. Please email me if interested in adoption.

UPDATE:  This trio has gotten all too comfy and has decided to stay.