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Recent emergency receipts

Following are some of the recent expenses incurred during emergency visits for 2021 kitten rescues: Wanda's emergency visit to our veterinarianRicky's emergency visit to our veterinarian Seamus' ER visit #1 pg 1Seamus ER visit #1 pg 2 Paddy's visit #1Paddy's ER...

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Leo is cured!!

A happy & healthy Leo aka LeeLee “Cured of what?” You might ask.  “Well, FIP.”  I would reply. After three months of daily injectable treatments and three months of observation, Leo has been deemed cured by proxy.  I say, ‘by proxy’, because her cured...

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FIP useful links

ZenByCat.org Their main website, where most of the links below can be found.www.ZenByCat.orgTo join ZenByCat's FIP Warrior Club with small monthly donations.https://www.zenbycat.org/fip-warrior-clubTo share an FIP Warriors story including any fundraising links, as...

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What is FIP?

FIP is caused by a feline coronavirus. Coronaviruses of various species exist in most types of animals and humans and usually cause acute respiratory or enteric disease. FIP is the cause of death of 1 in 100 to 1 in 300 cats in U.S. The incidence can be 5 or more...

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