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Yonkers, New York: Early this Spring, Mango was found near a dumpster by a woman tending to a feral colony. It soon became apparent this little guy did not have any survival skills.  He was immediately brought to a local rescue group. After hearing his story, I offered to foster and place him.

Mango was then brought to a vet for his exam and full work-up. The results of that exam were far from routine; they were devastating. This beautiful little boy has a rare condition known as pectus excavatum. This is an unusual deformity of the breast bone, which causes compression of the heart and lungs. Mango’s condition is severe, necessitating immediate intervention. Please click on this link for a more detailed explanation of this condition and necessary treatment:

He requires life-saving surgery to correct the deformity. Mango will need to remain in a cast for six weeks and need intensive post-surgical care, including daily massages until he is mature and bandage changes every two weeks.

We have scheduled his surgery for September 11th, 2014 and hope to raise money through auctions and donations. Our goal is to raise $3000.00 to cover the surgery expenses.

Please open your heart, any amount will help. Mango is such a sweet little boy. He has made a best friend already in his now forever home. Hermes takes such good care of his little buddy, Mango. Please help us give Mango a chance at a life filled with love and friendship.