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A happy & healthy Leo aka LeeLee

“Cured of what?” You might ask.  “Well, FIP.”  I would reply.

After three months of daily injectable treatments and three months of observation, Leo has been deemed cured by proxy.  I say, ‘by proxy’, because her cured status is based on the fact she did not relapse during observation nor did she show any clinical signs of the virus.  Normally, a cured status is only achieved through bloodwork but as some of you may know, my finances are a bit tight due to Leo’s medical costs and those of her housemates. Additionally, I incurred vet bills due to emergency care for two litters of kittens diagnosed with parasites, a urinary blockage, and an outbreak of calicivirus.

I intend to bring Leo in for the final lab work as soon as finances improve.

If you are unfamiliar with her story, her diagnosis, her treatment and her recovery, please click here to view her Instagram page.  If you would like to donate to help cover some of her medical costs, please click here.