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UPDATE: Leah has moved in with her human brother!

From Leah’s human guardian:  “Leah will be 11 this April. We adopted her from North Shore Animal League when she was about 9 weeks old. She’s been with us ever since, an an indoor cat only (she does love hanging out on the gated deck in nice weather 


). She’s not your typical cat who prefers to be independent and aloof with people, and is rather quite sociable, wanting to be with her people. She’s a snuggle bug who will soak you in endless face kisses if you can stand it!  Leah’s getting older but is still very playful. She loves playing with toys, basking in the sun, and eating!  She’s a healthy cat, spayed, fully vaccinated. We have never had her around other cats. I would think she would not receive another cat well as she has more of a dominant personality. She was in charge of our 212 pound Mastiff- in a good way, though!  She tried to be in charge of our puppy Labrador, but he’s too bouncy and playful to even care. So she keeps her distance from him. So I would say she would be good with other dogs who are more submissive in the pack. And not to mention, how beautiful Leah is. She’s truly stunning; her eyes and fur color are magical. We are hoping to transition her into a home where she can live out rest of her life happily. I was in touch with a married couple for nearly a month, and just before they were supposed to meet her the wife disclosed that she wanted to see if she would react to Leah because she can have allergic reactions to SOME cats. That did not sit well with me at all, and I declined their application. So now we are back to our search for her furever home.”  If you are interested in adoption, please email me.