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Cat collars for separation anxiety

This collar was created for a kitty who suffers from separation anxiety.  Gemstones used were amethyst and bloodstone.   Hemp cat collar with gemstones (amethyst and bloodstone)

Kitten Smoothie or Kitty Immune Booster

I wanted to share this as I have developed something, I call my kitty smoothie or the kitty immune booster.  I based the formula on this article: https://www.natural-wonder-pets.com/natural-treatment-cured-more-than-20-cats-coinfected-with-fip-felv.html I...

2020 Immune smoothies, distant healing & consulting service

2020 Immune smoothies, distant healing & consulting service:After many suggestions and some heartfelt encouragement, I am considering offering custom immune smoothies, distant healing, and virtual consulting to my list of services.  Of course, these are...

Pancreatic support for cats

Listed below are the natural pancreatic supplements I have found to be very helpful in cats with pancreatic insufficiency, pancreatitis or diabetes: VetOne: PancrePlus powder & NHV: Pancreas Support kit (mellit, milk thistle & turmeric)
In Memory of Roary & D’Artagnan

In Memory of Roary & D’Artagnan

On January 28th, I bid farewell, for now, to two of my furbabies, Roary Roo and D’Artagnan.  As some of you know, both were fighting cancer. Roary was diagnosed in September of 2019 and D’Artagnan was diagnosed back in the fall of 2017.  Both...
Tucker’s liver values return to normal

Tucker’s liver values return to normal

This is my Tucker or Tuckie doos.  My cousin found him late one evening nearly 15 years ago outside of a gas station.  Of course, I ran up to the gas station to rescue him.  The attendant said a van opened their door and tossed him out.  He was the most challenging...