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RPPS rescued ten cats in 2018; two cats, two pigeons, and a cottontail rabbit in 2019; a ch kitten in 2020 and ten kittens in 2021 while treating one of our own for FIP!  Despite not really having the room or resources to care for all of these creatures, RPPS took them in; nursed; bottle-fed around the clock, and rehabbed all of them!  Our 2021 rescues are in need of vaccinations and spay and neuter surgeries.  

We are currently running a couple of fundraisers and always have an active Amazon wishlist for much-needed supplies and food.

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Raising funds for Aqueduct cats

Recently I was notified of a cat frequenting a spot two blocks from my apartment. I was sent a photo of an orange male tabby. I instructed the finder who to contact but...

Papaya and Licorice find a sweet home!

You may remember these two love bugs from my facebook videos, facebook posts and/or my previous newsletters.  Papaya and Licorice were dropped off at a friend's house...

Sydney finds a home

Sydney was discarded in the heat of the summer while still pregnant.  She gave birth to five kittens in late August.  After a few days, a neighbor noticed her...

Pumpkin’s wandering days are over

Pumpkin was found roaming the streets one rainy evening.  She stayed with us for a bit but went to live permanently with the couple who helped me rescue her.  She...

Mischief will be treated like royalty

Mischief wagging his tail After being rescued from CACC's death row and five months at home with me, Mischief finds a home where he can be treated like the king he believes...

Jack Straw finds a furever home

Jack Straw was on the verge of being surrendered to a shelter.   Jack found his way to a loving home instead!  He actually sports a bowtie now and again......

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