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I have been studying and practicing Reiki since 2007. Last year I decided to get recertified in Reiki, more specifically in Holy Fire Reiki. I felt there was a shift in my energy and knew I was not alone. The Holy Fire energy complemented my own. It was a natural fit.

I have always offered reiki to any animal who was open to receive it. Most would come to me for it as if I gave a signal or radiated the energy. Healing would begin spontaneously. When an animal has had enough, they often fall asleep after repositioning. Some just up and walk away! I have even had injured birds fly away!

This Spring I completed my Animal Reiki training, a new class developed recently by Reiki Masters within my school (International Center for Reiki Training). I am thrilled to offer this energy and put my training into practice. Much of what I do now is intuitively guided. Incorporating new techniques and working with the Divine Animal Kingdom will broaden what I can offer animals at all stages of emotional and physical health.

By year’s end, I will obtain my Master certification. Once I attain this, I will offer classes to anyone who wants to learn how to give reiki to their own animals or to any animal for that matter.