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Kerry See

Kerry has been caring for animals as far back as she can remember.  As a child, a good part of her day consisted of seeking out injured or orphaned animals.  Although her parents frowned at the occasional wild house guest, they encouraged her to pursue her heart’s desire.

Her first pet and teacher was Pyewacket, a Siamese, who taught Kerry love, devotion, patience, and compassion.  In his twilight, Pyewacket welcomed kittens and ferrets into his home.

Kerry followed her heart and not her degree in her pursuit of “How can I help Pye’.  Graduating Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in 1996, she obtained a position at a local animal hospital, where she worked as a veterinary technician for seven years.  During that time, she cared for countless feral and domestic cats, dogs, exotics and several species of wildlife.  She found she enjoyed rehabilitating wildlife and raising young squirrels, fledgling birds and kittens. 

Kerry found her passion was helping the helpless.  When others dismissed injured or physically disabled animals, Kerry made it her mission to find an alternative.  She held fund-raisers for cats in need:  locating a prosthesis manufacturer in California to build kitty-walkers for two kittens, BeeBop & Tumblina, with cerebellar hypoplasia (see New York Times, Journal News and Catnip articles) and locating a surgeon in New Jersey to perform a pulmonary artery banding on a kitten, Spikealicious, with a severe ventricular septal defect, given months to live.  BeeBop, Tumblina and Spikealicious were all brought home to live with Kerry.  Their determination to live life to its fullest, despite its challenges is what inspires her each day. More recently, Kerry raised funds to provide Mango a second chance at life.  Mango was born with a life threatening deformity.  He is now a very happy and active adolescent kitty.  (See his story in 2014 Ruffly Purrfect Press, p. 2)

Volunteering has become a big part of her life:  she participated in a trial therapy program at F.E.G.S., a day care facility for mentally-challenged adults with two cerebellar hypoplasia kitties, BeeBop and Tumblina; she accompanied a local veterinarian to Ground Zero to examine and treat rescue and recovery dogs; she has fostered and placed countless cats and kittens; she has trapped feral and friendly strays privately and for various rescues in lower Westchester County, NY and has rescued, fostered and re-homed death row rescues from Manhattan’s CACC.

Kerry is a member of several charitable organizations:  Alley Cat Allies, Alley Cat Rescue, American Anti-Vivisection Society, ASPCA, The American Ferret Association, Defenders of Wildlife, Environmental Defense Fund,  Equine Advocates, Front Range Equine Rescue, Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue, Greenpeace, The Humane Farming Association, The Humane Society of the United States, The Humane Society International, The Humane Society Legislative Fund, I.F.A.W., The National Audubon Society, N.R.D.C., National Wildlife Federation, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, The Wilderness Society, World Wildlife Fund and ZenByCat  to name a few.  She was a founding member of The Veterinary Center for Birds & Exotics advisory board.

Discovering pet-sitting, by chance, in 1996, Kerry began caring for pets in private homes.  She found her calling:  caring for animals in a one on one setting.  “The intimate bonds developed through these relationships are never forgotten.  Each animal, each experience leaves me with a precious memory.  I love the time I spend with all my animal friends and look forward to each visit with them.  I see each client’s pet as an extension of my pet family.” (Kerry A. See, R.P.P.S. owner)  In January of 2003, Kerry began devoting more time to her clients and by December of 2003 Ruffly Purrfect Pet Services had been created.

In her search to find alternative treatments for her special needs kitties, particularly her Spikealicious, she discovered Reiki.  In 2007, Kerry obtained certification as a Usui Reiki Master and recently obtained her Master Holy Fire III certification in Usui Reiki.  “My goal is to share Reiki with the animals that enter my life.  I will continue to study Reiki so that I can offer all that Reiki has to offer.”  (Kerry A. See) In 2022, she will complete her Animal Reiki training, acquiring her level II Animal Reiki certification. By year’s end, she will obtain her Master certification allowing her to teach others. She is also seeking certification in Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki, PEMF therapy, photopuncture therapy, animal communication and pet bereavement.

Currently, Kerry is developing innovative pet products; creating handmade hemp & gemstone kitty collars; writing pet-centric stories and developing characters for her upcoming children’s book series.   She is a co-author in The Gratitude Book Project: Best of Pets, a book celebrating the special relationships we have with members of our “fur families.”  Her two contributions to the book center around two of her beloved pets, Spikealicious and Tumblina.  In “More Than I Expected”, she tells how one brave little tuxedo cat beat the odds and taught all who knew him what it meant to live for each and every day.  In “Unassumingly, Tumblina”, she tells a story of a gentle spirited handicapped kitty who subtly taught her some of life’s most poignant lessons. 

Kerry shares her home with several remarkable kitties and two doves.   Although they are no longer with her, her cats, Pyewacket, Hoot, Alice and Trixie, Tumblina and Beebop, c.h. siblings, Spikealicious, a VSD miracle kitty, Stevie Ray, her miracle kitty and left hand man, Venus Di Milo, JoeJoe kitty, Figaro, aka Figlet, Dizzy Frizzy kookoo kitty, a c.h. inspiration, Roary Roo, a ch miracle kitty, Tucker, an abandonen Egyptian Mau, Willow, a gorgeous tuxie girl and her ferrets, Jake Blues, Priscilla, Elwood Blues, Rogue, Penelope, BooBoo, Edie, Dori, Pinot, Bodega, Luca and D’Artagnan are always in her heart.

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Our goal at RPPS is to compassionately provide superior pet care and excellent customer service. We will care for your pet as you instruct so that he/she is happy and comfortable in your absence.  We strive to ease your mind so that you can relax on vacation or go to work without worry.  Your pet’s health is our concern.  We will notify you of any changes and may suggest natural remedies and/or a veterinarian visit.  You and your pet are family.  We take care of our family.

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