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Remembering my sweet sweet Willow

I received an email in August of 2014 from a client regarding what he called “Tuxedo Central”. Essentially, he had been feeding a colony of predominantly tuxedo cats and discovered three kittens had emerged from the bushes to join the adults at mealtime....

Update on Avenger & Irish clan kittens

It’s been awhile since I have updated on our two litters of kittens.  Caring for ten kittens with calicivirus plus caring for our large family (human, feline and avian) has been all consuming lately. We unexpectedly lost our kitty, Willow, just before...

2021 Holiday Reservations

I am fully booked for December 24th through December 26th. We may be able to accommodate more depending on your location. Support staff may be available. Please contact us asap for more info.